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          1. For A Great Minnesota Electrician... Call Bonafide Electric! Call Now! 651-689-3115   Call for a FREE Estimate Today!


            • Minnesota Electricians
            • Minnesota Electricians

            Do you need a Minnesota Electrician?

            We know you have lots of choices when it comes to selecting a?electrician you can trust, no matter what the need.

            Here are a few things you should know about us.

            We focus on providing service to homeowners like you. As such, we never forget that your?electrical system and fixtures are at the core not just of your home, but your every day comfort and convenience.

            When you need service, you want an experienced, reputable company that delivers on its promises. When you invest your time and hard-earned money into a home repair or maintenance, you deserve top quality products, the highest quality service, and honest value for your money…all delivered by ethical people who care about you and your family.

            Schedule a Service Appointment or Request a FREE Estimate

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            • $59 Electrical Audit
            • $59 Electrical Audit
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